Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions –

Introduction: By confirming your registration to this event using the web site, you confirm that you agree to the event organizer sales conditions and all the service conditions of provide to public and private event organizers an on line solution to facilitate their event registration. This solution provide also to users an on line solution so they can register on line to an event.

The following term and conditions governs the contractual relation between the participant, the organizer and This service offer is reserved for people of 18 years old and more.

The parties:  The registration by a participant to an event using the web site initiate a commercial transaction between the participant and the event organizer. cannot be held responsible for any act or behavior or, in the case the organizer would become insolvent.

The user recognize that he his doing a transaction between him and the event organizer. Any request should be sent to the event organizer using the coordinate published on the web site.

The participant also confirm that at the moment of his registration, he is 18 years old or older or that he is the legal guardian of the person he has registered.

Sales conditions: The event organizer can without notice modify sales terms and cannot be made accountable for any of those changes. The information provided by the event organizer constitute the sale proposition made to the participant.

By Clicking »Pay » and entering valid payment information, the registrant confirm that he accepts the sale proposition. A confirming email is sent when a registration is confirmed and the receipt is also show on screen.

Any mistakes should be report to, by email at in a maximum delay of 72 hours. Participant can check for successful registration on the participant list in the event registration web site.

Refunds: All transactions are finals and non refundables.

Transfer: Your registration cannot be transfered or resold,  and is issued for your exclusive usage. (Name and first name entered in the registration form)

Service cost: an on line registration fees  non-refundable, per transaction will be added to the registration fee requested by the event organizer.

Event info: All the information given on the registration web site is provided by the event organizer and is only an intermediary in the registration process in the publication of these information. The event organizer has the final responsibility for the accuracy of these informations.

Refusal : At any time reserved the right to cancel or stop the registration of any participant that does not respect or tries to bypass any of these terms and conditions and those stated on the event organizer web site.

In any case , will not refund the transaction fee and will let the event fee at the discretion of the event organizer.

Total amount due: Final amount due will include registration fees (as indicated on the event organizer web site) and on line registration fee including tax. The total amount must be paid immediately so the registration can be valid. In the case that the participant cancel the transaction after paying he agrees paying a supplemental management fee of 10 $.

Cancellation or report: In case of the cancelation or report of the event, the event organizer is the responsible to decide refund policies. In any case on line transaction fees will be reimburse.

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