Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Parc national du Mont-Tremblant will not be hosting in-person ski events this winter where the Classique Jackrabbit Classic was held last season.

However, in the spirit of the memory of our beloved Jackrabbit Johannsen, we want this tradition to not skip a beat.

This year’s format will be a VIRTUAL one …

Cross country ski ANYWHERE!

ANYTIME, during the monthly period January 5th – February 5th.

 Note: Other OUTDOOR activities on snow and ice are welcomed, including cycling, walking, running, and snowshoeing


Virtual edition, ski anywhere

 Note: The Classic Jackrabbit Classic (Virtual) 2021 will be great training and warm-up for those skiers planning to ski longer distance such as the Canadian Ski Marathon.


Spread over a one-month period beginning January 5, 2021, each participant is encouraged to keep account of their activity. He / she may either log their activity by entering their results on:

  1. The Jackrabbit site,; or
  2. the STRAVA site by going to the CLUB tab, Classique Jackrabbit Classic at, and recording your activity results there; or
  3. keeping your own log, and at the end of the monthly period after February 5th, go to

Note:  If you decide to go to the STRAVA site, you will have access to your performance for the month as well as sharing results with other participants. Every outing will be recorded.

REWARDS and AWARDS will be given out for participation at the end of winter.